Top 7 makeup artist you should know to follow

makeup artist you should know to follow

I think every woman should be very optimistic about her appearance because good looks help gain good confidence and comfortable level of success. Be your own creator and always be confident in what you are doing. If you are not confident enough, you might not be doing it.  So here is a list of seven most famous makeup artist you should know to follow them for looking beautiful and fabulous.

1 .Pat McGrath
Pat McGrath

She is ‘the most inspiring make-up artist in the world’

Pat McGrath is known for her special, bold, and ultra-modern makeup techniques which include using her hands as opposed to brushes. She has a power for using bold hues and material experimentation ranging from feathers to ornaments. McGrath is limitless, a mindset that enables her boundless imagination and diverse range of looks. Her art lies within the reinvention of makeup and trying out new ideas. She has originated trends ranging from thick eyebrows to colored lashes, making a statement out of every face. Her innovative and intuitive outlook to life helps create the sparkling and legendary looks we see throughout Several catwalks and fashion shows


Makeup artists don’t come much more renowned than charlotte tilbury.she is a true innovator Charlotte tilbury born in 10 February 1973.she is a brittish modern glamour makeup artist. she is a founder and creative director of her beauty and skin care brand. She launched her own u tube channel and u tube channel she providing makeup tutorials makeup tips and tricks. Her work can be seen in world’s biggest fashion magazine

Her signature backstage and red carpet tips and techniques have shaped her eponymous makeup

And skin care line

3. lisa Eldridge
lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge is a luminary makeup artist.she does fresh-faced beauty more desireable than any one  else. She’s the person to follow if you have a soft spot for pure, dewy skin.She  has over 20 years of experience in makeup and fashion industry and appears some of the world’s most high profile women.Lisa eldridge Known for her fresh and flawless  understated approach to beauty, she was appointed by Lancôme as creative director of makeup in January 2015. Lisa eldridge working across product growth  campaigns and digital strategy.

4. Ruby Hammer

Ruby Hammer

International makeup artist ruby hammer is revered in the beauty world as having an stunning  talent for making women matchless  what ever their age.Ruby Hammer has worked in the beauty industry for over 25 years and is one of the most famous  and most precious  make up artists in the world. With a career spanning more than 25 years in the beauty industry, Ruby has become one of the country’s most famous  and idolize make-up artists She  believes that make-up shouldn’t be a mask, urging women to use make-up to prominence their best features and embrace what’s good about their face, instead of covering up flaws. . In year  2007 Ruby hammer was awarded an MBE for her long standing contribution to the cosmetics industry.

5.Samantha Chapman
Samantha Chapman

Chapman has been a make-up artist for more than a 10 years.  In October 2008, Samantha started YouTube channel  under the name of ‘Pixiwoo’ on which she and her sister post hair and make-up tutorials from Avant Garde to Natural looks as well as reviews on various beauty products Chapman began another channel specifically to promote and provide information concerning her Real Techniques brush line This Channel helps viewers to create and achieve the look using the Real Technique brush line Create a flawless smokey eye look Sam’s expert guide for an effortlessly gorgeous, everyday look. With softer  shades and a bit of definition, you’ll be able to create a quick and easy look that’s pixel perfect. samantha  is in high demand as a makeup artist and is a top-rated YouTube beauty guru with 40 million hits and counting In the last 15 years, she has completed many issigments with top photographers that include Nick Knight and Lord Snowdon . Sam is in constant demand by private clients and students seeking training in her Pixiwoo beauty bootca


6.Sir John
Sir John

Sir John, celebrity makeup master and brand ambassador for L’Oreal paris,  want all women to feel elevated confident ,beauty does not  just start and stop on the face. he want to increase the vibration women send out to the world consummate visionary, uses the power of cosmetics to boost women to their higher impact. , Sir John is totally empowered himself to make women be slaves to beauty.  Sir John boosts women to be their own makeup experts at home.


Huda Kattan is famous for her noteworthy Instagram and her multimillion-dollar beauty line, which is housed in millions of women’s and men’s beauty collections. Huda first established her makeup line in 2013, with the introduction of her false lashes. Today, Huda Beauty is sold in every Sephora and Ultra world wide,, but for Huda Kattan, it has been a long journey to success.

To Huda Kattan, building trust with her follower’s means everything, so every product I review, no matter the brand or the price tag, is 100% what I believe”.

Recently, she has introduced two different palettes, Textured Shadows Palette Rose Gold Edition and Desert Dusk Eye shadow Palette.


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